Wednesday, May 22, 2013

First beautiful weekend

Our first beautiful weekend of spring and it was a very eventful one here.  On Saturday we did one of our favorite things...canoeing and fishing.  We weren't sure if we would be able to get put since we had thunderstorms most of the morning but it cleared up enough and off we went to the river. 

We caught our first fish of the season...Here is mine to the left...I wouldn't hold it so Scott had to. ha! ha! Mine was bigger!   

We also did a little more planting and Scott is building flower boxes for the deck, which pictures of that will come next week when they are done.

The beautiful river with the leaves just starting to come out.  Fishing wasn't great since it had been pouring all morning but by the time we got out on the river it started warming up and the sun started peeking out.
Then...the car stopped working and Scott had to figure out what was wrong with it now.  It is like chasing ghosts in this car...and a couple hours later, it was working again. you can see, Scott got a little dirty working on it.  I cleaned the garage while he was working on the car.  Boy...was it a mess!

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