Saturday, December 29, 2012

Pretty Cupcakes

This year for my big family Christmas, I decided to go easy since it was a very busy year.  So, I made pretty cupcakes.  They were Black Cherry Soda cupcakes.  I would post the recipe, but I wasn't thrilled with it but will try a different recipe next time.

Monogram Frame

Scott and I love to go to thrift stores and little vintage shops around town to see what we can find to refinish or repurpose.  This is a plastic frame I found that I thought was very cool but a very ugly pea green.  Scott was not seeing my vision for it but I took a little time today to refinish it and make it into a monogram frame for our entry way.

You will need:
Turquoise craft paint
Elme'rs Glue
White Paint
Dark Wood Stain
Cardboard Letter
Paint Brushes

~ Paint the frame turquoise
~ Paint glue over areas that you desire to be crackled
~ Let glue become tacky...Don't let it dry too much!
~ Paint white over tacky glue. Let dry
~ Paint stain over desired areas and rub off with cloth
~Add embellishments

Tips:   Do small areas of glue so you don't feel rushed when painting over it.  Remember...Don't let the glue dry too much or it will not crackle.  If you want a little more color use a dry brush to add a little more color like I did on the top ornament and outside frame shown above.

Colorful Canvas Paintings

Canvas paintings are fun, easy and a quick afternoon project.  I completed these in about an hour and a half. I started with three canvas' I bought at Michaels, some 3D stickers and craft paint.

I placed the 3D stickers onto the canvas to create a design.  I found these stickers at Michaels in the scrapbooking area.  They look like school glue made into designs.

Make sure they are pressed down well so they don't lift up when painting.

I worked quickly with the craft paint so that I could blend the colors somewhat around the edges to give it a bit more interest.  If the paint started to dry I would reapply it and blend again.

Have an idea of what design you would like and freestyle it!  This is quite hard for me since I am a very detailed artist but I wanted it to be simple, fun and bright.

Tip: If you paint something you don't like simply let it dry and paint over it.

Update: Abby's Suitcase

I wanted to post a quick update on the "Girls Dream Suitcase" posting.  Abby has moved into her new suitcase.  She got an American Girl Doll and clothes plus lots of fun scarves, hats and dress-up items.  Thought I would share a quick picture of her suitcase all full of fun stuff!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Frost Art

This morning was a cold one!  If I remember correctly it said 7 degrees but felt like -9 with the windchill...Brrr!  I was given a beautiful surprise at a client's house though and I was sad that I hadn't grabbed my Canon.  I wasn't expecting much from my cell phone camera but after reviewing my photos I had taken I am pretty excited to share the pics of the frost that graced the window.  I have kept the images larger so the details can be seen.  
So without further adieu...

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Friday, December 21, 2012

Not To Shabby For Me

In my real life, I am the owner of a cleaning company.  I love my job and I love my clients.  Each house has it's own personality and inspires me creatively.  I decided to feature a client's house every once in a while to show how unique each house is through my eyes. The first house to be featured belongs to Monica and Mike.  When I first started at their house, I walked in and instantly thought...OH WOW!  This is such a cool place!  There was so much to see, little details at every turn.  Each time I come, Monica has rearranged, paired up new items and displayed her new finds.  I thoroughly enjoy dusting because I get to ohhh and ahhh at all the new, pretty vintage items.  

Here is a collection of photographs from around their beautiful home.

To the right, Monica has made her snacks a part of her display.  She uses various jars to store her granola bars, tea packets, candy and a wide variety of other yummy treats.

Monica added vintage touches throughout the kitchen.  She used an old scale to display her utensils.  Her many collections are displayed in groupings to make a more visual impact.  Above she has a iron bracket shelf filled with her creamers and pitchers, all in white.

Even Mikes bathroom has unique touches added.  His bathroom is done in a vintage golf theme.

Their bedroom is filled with lots to see.  Front the glass top bedside tray (like a tv tray) filled with their current books to the book shelves filled with collectable vintage books and old clocks, there is something for everyone in here.  They have billowing curtains on the sliding glass door but block peeping eyes from seeing in with a shabby chic wooden screen.  The wall above the bed is a display area for old makeup table mirrors.



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