Thursday, June 12, 2014

Our new adventure...An Historic House!

Hi Everyone...Wow it has been a very long time since I have posted and life has gotten so busy.

Here is a little history of the house..from what we have pieced together and found information on.

Our house has two different dates...1859 and 1892. The Historical Society can not prove that our house is the original house from 1859 but they do know a house was on this property in the same spot on the lot back then. There was a huge fire in 1884 which destroyed much of the downtown area

and I was told that the house is close enough that the house may very well have been damaged.

The Hanscom family moved in the late 1850's to Minnesota from Maine. They lived there until they died close to their 70's in the mid 1890's.

The house is about 2,300 sq ft plus a large laundry room and both a smaller side porch (mud room) and a large L-shaped 3 season front porch.

The house has had several owners through the 1900's and the most recent owner had huge dreams for the house but got transferred to another state a few years and never made it back.

We moved in May 2nd, 2014...a whole month ago!

Here are a few projects we have done around the house so far.

The Front Porch...One of my favorite rooms in the whole house!
It's a huge L-shaped porch along the front of the house and is full of windows. We had to paint it from top to bottom but what a difference it made!

Here are a few of the before pictures.  The ceiling and walls need a good painting.  
We had to finish painting it as it snowed outside in late April but it was worth it!

A panoramic view of the L-shaped porch finished

The previous owner said at one time the post light in the yard worked but just suddenly stopped working.  We figured out that the time had just run it's course and so we solved the electrical mystery.  We then got a new post light and put a light sensor on it as well. A beautiful new light!

Please follow our progress as we go forward with remodeling some of the other areas of the house on a budget!  You can also follow along with our day to day remodeling projects on my facebook page: Through My Creative Mind

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