Saturday, April 11, 2015

Quirky Farmhouse Pantry

Quirky Farmhouse Pantry

With our newly remodeled Farmhouse kitchen almost finished it is down to the little touches.  Among them was our little pantry, which I will admit...I was not in love with!  

Now...I am in LOVE!

Many years ago, the pantry was created by taking some of the porch to make a small 4x4 area.  Along the way, someone put linoleum over the plywood and lined it with cedar.  

This dark, dungeon of a space was just not working for us!  But...fear not...I had a vision.  Ok...inspiration from Pinterest!

First thing first...


Before Photo of the Pantry...Dark!

Then I removed all the shelving and started painting the cedar with a primer and then white semigloss paint for easy washing.  And then...I put the shelves and everything back in.  
With 4 kids at home, this process had to be done quickly so no one starved to death!

Now...I would recommend this next step be done before the shelves get put back in but because of the risk of starvation, as mentioned above we did it after the shelves were back in...making it back breaking work.

We glued the pennies, down to the plywood and then grouted over them.  We used liquid nails in a squeezable tube form instead of caulk gun.  This was personal preference.  I found the caulk gun too messy.

We chose to mix the heads and tails of the pennies but you can do anything you want with them.

For the Screen door...I was so excited, I forgot to take pictures.  We had to made a custom sized door since it was only 23 inches wide, but you can buy a basic wooden screen door at most home improvement stores for about $20.00 and then add the fun details to it.

An old bent fork was added for the handle....

And Red Paint...

Now...the pantry is more like a work of art than a boring, hidden closet!

If you missed the Before and After pictures of our newly remodeled Farmhouse kitchen, 
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