Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday Morning Snow Storm

I love the excitement of a pending snowstorm!  Especially on a Sunday, when we don't have to go anywhere. Can you say PJ Day!

It has been raining, sleeting and snowing since I woke up at 8 a.m., switching back and forth about every 2-5 minutes.  Here is a picture of our front windows with a thick coat of ice on it.

I'm sure our orchids are very happy to be on this side of the window!  

Scott is working from home today, I plan on doing a couple craft projects and breakfast was made by Meg and her friend.  Can I just say that when teenage girls are in charge of chocolate chip pancakes, there is usually an over abundance of chocolate chips!

The weather channel is saying 5-7 inches of snow now, not the 15 inches they were saying yesterday.  I'm sure it would have been that much if the precipitation this morning would have been snow and not rain.  It also is hitting a bit further north than our house, which means that Scott's kids won't be coming home tonight from their Mom's house.  

It sure is pretty outside though...huge snowflakes right now!

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