Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Worth a Thousand Words

Photography is one of my passions and as I look back on my photos, it brings back memories and evokes feelings of that time.  Here are a few of them...

I had found a beautiful park up along the Mississippi in St. Cloud, Minnesota.  It was a warm fall day, and this family just happened to walk across the path at the perfect time.  In the same park, a few weeks later, a hard frost had hit. I was somewhat down this day and came across these beautiful flowers still hanging on for life, even through the hard frost.

A couple years ago I had a friend visit and we went to the Arboretum.  It was spring and the Bridal veil bushes were in full bloom.  It was raining down light, fluffy pedals and as I stood under the tree my friend captured this photo of me.  

We introduced Abby and Nic to the Renaissance Festival this past summer and when she ran into one of the fairies, I thought she was going to jump out of her skin!  Lyric, the fairy, had Abby make a wish as she blew fairy dust over her.  Below...Duluth at sunrise.  We were on our way to a snowboard competition and my GPS was taking us all over.  So I headed toward the lake so I could get my bearings and the sunrise was right there in front of us!  Stunning!

I took the kids down to my parents house in Arkansas and brought Meg's best friend, Jacob with.  Here are the two of them acting so hip!
And Roxy...aka Maddie...right after we had gotten her.  She was obsessed with playing ball.

The most American trip ever is to Mount Rushmore, and if you haven't made that trip, it is a MUST!  To get the feeling of the push west for land years ago, this is a great area.  So much to see and experience.  This, unfortunately wasn't what we had expected. This gigantic storm pushed through our camp site and tore down my Sister-in-Laws tent and pushed ours over slightly.  The sight of this storm was spectacular though!


  1. Beautiful images all-around! I love them all! Tweeted this post and thank you for visiting and linking up over at my blog. I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

  2. Hi! I found you through the Wordless Wednesday link up. GREAT photos! You are very talented!


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