Sunday, December 9, 2012

Door Shelves

Hollow Core Door Shelves

Shelves can be expensive...even a short one can cost you $20.00 easily, but here is a very inexpensive way to create cool shelves.

Here is the key to keeping cost down on this the clearance sections at home improvement stores.

We found our door (we used one for the two shelves pictured below) for $1.00  in the clearance/wrongly ordered door section.  We checked the clearance section then for hinges and door knobs and voila...our set!  We spent less than $20.00 on both of these shelves and they are 6 feet long.

So how do these shelves work?

~ A Door
~ 1x1 Boards
~ Knobs and Hinges
~ Paint
~ Screws
~ Level

1. Cut the door to the width you want your shelf.  For our shelves, the door was narrow enough, so we just cut it in half.
2.  Paint your door.
3.  Mark your wall where you want the shelf.
4.  Cut your 1x1 board a little shorter than your shelf.
5.  Screw the 1x1 board to the wall, Make sure to level it!
6.  Slide your door shelf onto the 1x1 in the hollow part of the door.
7.  Place screws through the top of the shelf, into the 1x1 every 6 inches or so.
8.  Place knobs and hinges onto the shelves.

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