Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Few Recent Bakes


Before Scott and I met, Scott was the Bachelor Cake Maker.  The first week we met, he made me a cake and woo'd and ahhh'd over it!  This was one of many things that made me fall in love with him.  So, of course, I got sucked into making cakes with him and our creativity blended well...though sometimes it did cause some little arguements!

Here are a few of our recent cakes we have made.  I will post more of our older cakes as time goes on.


Twin's Baby Cake

Our Daughter's 16th Birthday

A Halloween Birthday Cake 

13th Birthday Long Board Cake

1 comment:

  1. Jen,
    Wonderful job on those cakes. I love the skateboard. Did you use an airbrush or hand paint it? Awesome job on that spider too! What did you use for those legs!? Thanks so much for sharing on Super Sweet Saturday.


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