Saturday, December 29, 2012

Monogram Frame

Scott and I love to go to thrift stores and little vintage shops around town to see what we can find to refinish or repurpose.  This is a plastic frame I found that I thought was very cool but a very ugly pea green.  Scott was not seeing my vision for it but I took a little time today to refinish it and make it into a monogram frame for our entry way.

You will need:
Turquoise craft paint
Elme'rs Glue
White Paint
Dark Wood Stain
Cardboard Letter
Paint Brushes

~ Paint the frame turquoise
~ Paint glue over areas that you desire to be crackled
~ Let glue become tacky...Don't let it dry too much!
~ Paint white over tacky glue. Let dry
~ Paint stain over desired areas and rub off with cloth
~Add embellishments

Tips:   Do small areas of glue so you don't feel rushed when painting over it.  Remember...Don't let the glue dry too much or it will not crackle.  If you want a little more color use a dry brush to add a little more color like I did on the top ornament and outside frame shown above.

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