Saturday, December 8, 2012

Sparkle on a String

I love getting Christmas is like hearing "I'm Thinking of You!" over and over.  But with a huge family ( I do mean HUGE!) I get tons of cards and every year I wonder how I could display them best.  This year, I am prepared for the Christmas wishes, so bring them on!

What you need:
School Glue/Craft Glue
Clothes Pins
Paint brush
Small plastic bowl

1.  Squeeze some glue into the plastic bowl and stir in a small amount of water to thin the glue out.
2.  Paint the glue onto one side of the clothes pins.  I found it easiest to leave them clipped to the cardboard they come on and apply the glue.
3.  In the shoebox, sprinkle the glitter onto the clothes pins.
4.  Let dry and repeat on other side.
5.  String up some twine and pin your cards up.

Note: If you are doing white, I suggest spray painting your clothes pins white first or they will show the wood color through the glitter.

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