Thursday, December 6, 2012

Try....You never know what you can make!

 Our New Kitchen Table...

As kids, we used to visit my Aunt and Uncles farm on a regular basis and I have very fond memories of being there.  Chasing the baby pigs when they got out of the pen, climbing up in the hay lofts of the big barn and seeing all the mice and kittens up there are just a few of my memories.

A few weeks ago, we went out to store the boat in the barn and asked if we could take a few planks of old barn wood they had laying around.  I could see Scotts wheels turning as we loaded the long, cool, paint chipped planks into the truck.

On the way home he decided he was going to make a table for our new, big family!  With six of us, we needed a big, kick ass table!  He did warn me that he had no idea how he was going to make it and it may not turn out, but what the heck!  If if did turn out it would indeed be Kick Ass!!!

He came up with a plan and after a week and a half of hard work and trial and error, our new barn wood kitchen table is gracing our dining room!  It is beautiful and fits us all comfortably!   Our first piece of furniture to pass down to the kids someday! may have noticed the "lovely" 90's hutch in the background.  That is our next project!

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