Tuesday, December 11, 2012

It is Real or Cake?

We always love taking on a challenge and some of these cakes were definitely a challenge!  These were the ones that fooled a few.

The Tank Cake...

This one just kept getting better and better as we added small touches.  To make the cake shiny, like a toy, we painted a small amount of water over the fondant.  Then made small rivets out of fondant and painted gold luster dust (dry) over them.  

13th Birthday Long Board Cake...

This cake was only one cake deep but was about 40 inches long!  Modeled from a real Long Board.  We bought a cheap skateboard and took the wheels off and set them on the cake.  Then, free-handed a design to represent the things that this 13 year old boy liked.  His friend came in and went to pick it up, thinking it was his long board present.

The Golden Pig...

The golden pig is a good luck charm and perfect for 20th "Golden" Birthday.  This pig was free standing on legs made of rice crispy treats.  The bottom half of the pig is made from half a styro-foam ball and the cake is the other half.  The whole pig was then painted with golden luster dust mixed with vodka.

XBOX: Game over cake...

This cake was made for a Grooms Dinner with the "Game Over" emblem on it.  It was a huge hit at the party!  The controler was made of rice crispy treat.

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  1. Great job! I like the tank but there is something about that piggy face I love!


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