Saturday, January 12, 2013

Jazz Up Old Books

On our thrift store hunt for a coffee table to fix up, I found this little gem for $2.49.  It is a vintage book called "The Blue Fairy Book".  I am not sure if this a first edition or not.  It isn't marked with a date but an owner did inscribe on the front cover 1923.

I loved the look of the book but the fairy story is what really sold me on it!
The book is a little beat up so I tied it up with some ribbons to keep the spine from being damaged further.

Here are a few other books I've jazzed up since they were damaged.

Sometimes the covers or spine are so damaged I can't save them so I have taken them off completely.


  1. so pretty! My fave is the burlap ribbon...I have a few rough-looking books that I can spruce up. Thanks!

  2. Nice idea! I have a few antique books and I've been wanting to make them more noticeable on my bookshelf. I think something like this might do the trick.

  3. they are all lovely. Thanks for sharing at Repurposed Ideas WEekly. I have blog hop #21 open if you want to share some posts. Please grab my button in the side bar to link up to your posts. They are all great!


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