Wednesday, January 30, 2013

"Vacation" Goals

Almost a week after my surgery and I am feeling much better.  A little bruised and sore still but I'm up and moving, which is a great thing!

{I am a list person...adding and crossing off items is a 
great sense of accomplishment!}

This morning, as a I ate a bowl of frosted flakes with sliced bananas, I grabbed my notepad.   I have been laying around thinking...hmmm...I want to do this and that, ohhhh...and that too.  But I'm afraid I will waste my entire time off doing nothing.  I decided I need to write my "Vacation" goals down.

My goals are a mix of personal and creative goals and I want to work on business ideas to grow my cleaning company and find what will make me happy in the long run.  Yay!  Now I feel like I'm ready to enjoy my "Vacation Time" off and not just waste it away.

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