Saturday, January 5, 2013

Quirky Toothfairy Clay Doll

I want to share one of my "I have to try that"  projects!

Scott and I were out shopping at a boutique and ran across a clay doll that caught our attention.  We looked at each other and said...We need to try to make one of these dolls.   We headed to the craft store to pick up some Sculpey and sat down to make a clay doll.  Here is what I came up with...

She is a toothfairy doll.  She has a little bag tied to her wrist for the tooth and a ribbon attached to her head to hang on the door or bedpost.  I loved how she came out...

My second doll is in the works.

This is a fun project since whatever you have around that is left over can be used...even small pieces of fabric, lace, ribbon and fibers.

~ Her dress is made of ribbons and netting and her hair is black and silver fibers.  I used beads for her elbow joints


  1. I love your doll - very fun. I have alot of Nicole Sayre's pieces. Thanks for linking to "Open House".

  2. A tooth fairy doll! What a great idea. Thanks for linking up to Creative Crafts Thursday ( See you next week!

  3. I'd say you are very talented to sculpt that face. Saw it at One Artsy Mama and it caught my eye right off. Nicely done. I am a new follower. Hope you will pay me a visit and follow too.


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